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20 years experience in the Rail Industry

Delivering an Outstanding Executive Administration Support Service

Hello! My name is Diane Stevns and I provide freelance Administration Support Solutions to the UK Rail Industry. I have 20 years’ experience in the Rail Industry delivering an outstanding Executive Administration Support Service within busy Supply Chain, Procurement, Project, Commercial and Operation departments spanning both Rolling Stock and Infrastructure environments.

I consider myself a versatile, resourceful and forward thinking individual who identified a recurring theme in the Rail Industry of there being a distinct lack of availability of a professional, cost effective and flexible administrative resource and from this realisation, Rail Virtual Assistant Solutions was established with the sole purpose of providing a solution to this issue.  

With a strong Administrative, Supply Chain and Engineering Project Support background, I come equipped with the skills needed to plan, prioritise and deliver a quality, cost effective support solution to your Rail business. 

I know what I’m good at just like you know what you are good at. You can trust that your Rail business is in safe hands.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A flexible & cost-effective administration support solution

The aim of Rail Virtual Assistant Solutions is to provide a freelance, flexible, cost effective and professional administration support solution to Rail Consultants and SME Rail businesses in the UK. 

Where you are based does not impact how we work together. I can work 100% remotely and have systems in place to ensure that we work seamlessly and effectively together. 

With a freelance Virtual Assistant you have no salary, pension, holidays, sickpay, overheads and equipment to pay for. You literally book my services when you need me and only pay for the time you use my services.

My extensive Rail industry experience equips me with valuable insight into the challenging financial and time constraints that the industry faces and as such I have a true understanding of the need for an innovative, cost effective, flexible yet tailored solution to your Rail administration needs.

A solution that frees you and your team to concentrate on what you excel at, allowing you to get the most out of your day and you are not wasting precious hours doing something that I can potentially do for you in a fraction of the time!

In short I’m here when you need me and not when you don’t, which means you are saving, not wasting money!

What can i do


I offer a fully bespoke administration support solution to your Rail business’ requirements whether it be an adhoc project or support with routine administration.

Maybe you are a well-established Rail business that needs an extra pair of hands for a one-off project?  Perhaps you are a newly established Rail SME who wants to focus on developing your business and not drowning in your admin! Or, you may be a Consultant who wants to focus your time on chargeable work and networking with potential clients rather than navigating through back office admin!

The options are endless and ultimately what I do depends on what you do, however typical administration services I provide for clients are:

General office administration

A popular support requirement with many Clients where their current Work banks and Projects do not warrant a full-time administration resource. Typical office administrations that I deliver are; organising back office systems, PA Services, diary management, travel arrangements, email management and email detox.

Documents, Reports, Plans & Presentations

I support Clients with the creation/editing/control/formatting of a wide range of documents, reports, project plans and presentations.  Writing comprehensive guides, instructions and Standard Operating Procedures often as Pre-audit and accreditation support. Professional editing and format of customer proposals, project plans and presentations for key stakeholders and Clients. 

Project Support

A more specialist solution, I can work with Engineering teams to review drawing and specification documents to create a Bill of Materials and create BOM Purchase Order Trackers to micromanage material lead-times and stock availability to optimise cash flow whilst also improving customer service and reducing risk in the Supply Chain. 

Procurement analysis

I can undertake a ‘deep dive’ into your Purchasing activity to understand the true picture of direct and in-direct spend.  This service is bespoke for each individual Client, generally including analysis of direct spend such as materials, PPE and subcontractor costs to understand if true costs are comparable with bid or forecast spend.  Similarly, review of In-direct Overhead spend ensures true costs are understood, best rates achieved and benchmarking exercises undertaken to ensure your business remains competitive.  This level of analysis is a key enabler to support price negotiation with your supply chain to ensure you are receiving the best deals on the market.

Supply Chain Support

Another popular service with Clients, I can take the stress out of managing your supplier agreements and maintenance regimes with the creation of easy to use, highly visual trackers to provide ‘at a glance visibility’ of the current status.

For Supplier Management this includes suppliers pricing, warranty periods, lead-times, rebates and advance planning for when renegotiations are required.  Similarly I can create a tracker to co-ordinate your Maintenance regimes to manage your site or work location for when inspections or machine calibrations are due to allow forward planning and proactive management of suppliers and resources.

Temporary resource

Too busy juggling the to-do list?  Overloaded with tasks?  8 week recruitment period?  Or simply need an extra pair of hands?  I can bridge the resource gap by providing temporary resource during recruitment periods or peaks in demand which is flexible and cost effective.  No salary, pension, holidays, sickpay, overheads and equipment to worry about, instead a transparent rate structure that you can call off as you require.

Industry Research

I can undertake your market research whether it be as part of your business development or researching new industry products and services. I can create/update/maintain databases and CRMs.

How does it work?

It really is very simple.

It really is very simple.  Firstly we book a free consultation to discuss your requirements, I then submit a proposal outlining the cost structure, key deliverables, payment terms and communication plan. Once the proposal is mutually agreed, we sign off with the agreed Contract T&Cs and NDA and then we are ready to start!  Weekly timesheets are submitted detailing chargeable hours worked along with a summary of works completed.  Services are invoiced on a calendar month basis. 

What does it cost?

I’m competitive.

My rates are extremely competitive and very simple, depending on the task or project we would agree either an hourly, 1/2 day or full day pricing structure.

  • Hourly rate £25
  • 1/2 day rate £100
  • Full day rate £200

Get In Touch

So you think I can help your Rail business but not sure exactly what you need, or what it costs?

Please drop me a line and we can discuss your requirements and I will offer you practical advice and solutions to the issues you are experiencing.

Call us 07528 388058 or diane@railvasolutions.co.uk